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IT CAN\'92T BE LOST, BROKEN, USED UP OR TAKEN AWAY. IT\'92S ALWAYS WITH YOU AND THE MORE IT\'92S SHARED, THE RICHER IT BECOMES......\'94 \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Trip to Ireland's Sacred Places \f1 \uc0\u8232 \f0 With Joseph Keane of Celtic Revival \f1 \uc0\u8232 \f0 (781) 395-7828 \f1 \uc0\u8232 \f0 infocr@earthlink.net \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Yes it is happening. We are looking for 7 lucky people. May 6th -17th 2013 \ {\listtext \'95 }\ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\ql\qnatural \ls1\ilvl0 \f1 \cf0 {\listtext \'95 }\ {\listtext \'95 } \f0 We are seekers and searchers\ \pard\pardeftab720\ql\qnatural \ls1\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext \'95 }trusting the road to take us where we need to go.\ {\listtext \'95 }It may be beneath a bush or by the water flow\ {\listtext \'95 }that we will hear a whisper,\ {\listtext \'95 }maybe from someone of long ago.\ {\listtext \'95 }and when we do, we will listen\ {\listtext \'95 }and take note of the silence\ {\listtext \'95 }within us that allows us to hear.\ {\listtext \'95 }The voices of long ago.\ {\listtext \'95 }\ {\listtext \'95 }This to us will be Ireland \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b The Journey \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b0 This journey will focus on the ancient sites and sacred places of Ireland. We will explore the four corners and the sacred center of Uisneach. Through-out the journey in this special land we will walk on worn stones and winding paths that will lead to sacred places in our hearts. We will drink the waters from holy wells that have been held sacred from the time of the Druids. Exploring the energy that has given these waters their healing qualities, and hold the healing stone that has been held by many through the ages of time. We will sit in the womb of the earth at the chamber of Carrtowkeel and connect with the insight of ancient ancestors. This journey will offer us a chance to realign with the movement of time and discover the four great gifts that were brought here by the Tuatha de Danann, the tribe of Dana. We will walk around the early Celtic monasteries where the sacred teachings were lived and kept in store during the dark ages of Europe and feel the holiness of sites like Guganbarra and Clonmacnois., all in our own time. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Your Guide \f1\b0 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Joseph is a native of Co Kerry, Ireland and has a deep rooted interest in Celtic culture and spirituality. Joseph is a storyteller, poet and an old soul that is very connected to this ancient culture. As a young man he found an interest in standing stones and stone circles. He would wander the fields in search for these stones and their meanings. As he says," it is easier to look back on the path that led us here than to look forward and know where we are going. And looking back on the people, the stories and the experiences that led me here, I realize that I could be nobody but myself." Joseph now lives in the United States. He is owner of Celtic Revival Medford MA, a business based on the Celtic culture. He is involved in workshops and exhibits that provides an educational insight into the ancient Celtic Spirit and it's relationship to nature and the cycle of time. His stories will bring you to the magical realm of the Celtic world and he will walk you into the mystery of the mist in this spiritual landscape. You will learn of the ancient Celtic fire festivals and their rituals and how they were placed in the cycle of time. This journey will prove to be an insightful and fun trip to Ireland, walking and waking the soul of this ancient land. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0 The 2007 itenary will be somewhat different but rest assured these changes are made so that it becomes a more comfortable trip overall. Contact Joseph for information 781 395 7828 \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0 "An incredible experience that I will never forget.The love of your culture and the perfect balance of adventure, education, beauty, fine dining , lovely accomadations, fun and friendships. I feel privilaged to have shared the journey with all". \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Jacqueline Herriman \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day One: \b0 Leave Logan Airport, Boston for Dublin, Ireland. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Two: \b0 The Gathering \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 We will leave Dublin behind for there are too many people there for pleasure anyway and head to Slane Co. Meath. This is a lovely manor village that first became known when St Patrick lit the pascal flame before the High King lit the Bealtine flame on Tara. We will rest a bit and freshen up before we head out the door to Monesterbois monastic site to view the famed high cross and round tower. From here we will take a trip to Drogheda for a wander and to view the head of Dr. Oliver Plunkett. A relic of this great man is still in one piece since he was hung, drawn and quartered in the 1670s. Dinner in Drogeda that evening and we will overnight in Annesbrook House, Dukeek \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day three: \b0 Rebirth \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Off to Newgrange (chamber of Rebirth) and Knowth where we will view the greatest examples of megalithic art found in the world. These are sacred places where we will learn of these 5000 year old structures. It is here that we will follow the path of the triple spiral that has inspired the belief system in the world since. In the afternoon we head to the hill of Tara where we will all be come kings and Queens of our own domain. Over night in Slane. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day four: \b0 Secrets of the Stones \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Our first stop will be at the Kells high crosses and Columba's House. We then proceed to Loughcrew chambers known asSliabh na Cailighe (the hill of the hag) and have an opportunity to spend some special time in the chambers. We hope to do some rubbings of the carvings in the chamber known as Cairn T for your own collections. From here it's across the country to pilgrim at St Lasairs holy well. Here we circle the well with our prayer and thoughts for the journey. Our prayer is left to the money tree where our thoughts are left to grow. That evening we will spend in Sligo town. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Five: \b0 The Refuge \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Sligo, the land for dreamers. If the weather permits us we will travel to the island of Inishmurray to walk in the path of the monks. This is a great and wild place where our imagination will lead us to experience the ways of the monks. The Island of Innismurray from the name Inis Muirdeach whom there is little known about is said to live in the time of St. Patrick. The abbey is in honor to St Molaise even though there is confusion about who the pilgrim honored which was held August 12th. The name of St Laisren was mentioned in writings in the 8th century. St. Molaise was known to have another monastery in Devenish in Lough Erne and his Pilgrim day is held on Sept. 12th. When we return to Sligo we will have some time to ourselves to browse the streets and shops. We will also pay a visit to one of Irelands greatest treasures Michael Quirke (woodcarver and man of MYTH. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Six: \b0 Gateway to the underworld \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 On this day we will be join up with artist Martin Byrne and visit the stone circles of Carrowmore. In the afternoon we travel to the beautiful hills of Bricklieve mountains and spend some time in the Passage tombs of Carrowkeel. This is a place where we will silently seek the energy of these ancient tombs, the chambers of the light. Back to Sligo that evening for a session of music. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day seven: \b0 Saints and Scholars . \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Of we go to Clonmacnois in the Midlands of Ireland. This site became one of the major learning centers of Ireland. First built in 543ad by Ciaran and stood for a thousand years. It over looks the river Shannon and was centrally located. This monastic site has still a great feeling of sacredness. Over the thousand years there were seven churches built. The Cromwelian army made it's mark here and after their visit it is said that there was not even a piece of stain glass left in the windows. We will also visit the site of Clonfert which is not too far away. That night we will hold up in Ennis, Co. Clare. The Old Ground Hotel (065) 6828127 \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Eight: \b0 Voice of Ages . \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 In the morning we go to Craggaunowen megalithic center. This is a recreation of a cranog which dotted the landscape in the earlier days. From there we hope to visit the abbey of Glenstall to hear the chants of the monks. We lunch in Limerich. After lunch we will visit Lough Gur, the home of the great goddess Aine. She is said to still reside in the lake and sometimes seen. Lough Gur also has the largest stone circle in Ireland and aligns with the setting sun of Samhain. It was known as the Bull Ring for when the sun sets beyond the circle, the bull was sacrificed and the Samhain celebrations began. That night we spend in Castleisland and catch the Thursday session. Island View B&B \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day nine: \b0 Earth, Sea and Sky \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 In the morning we go to Weathers holy well. I find this place to be very special. It is where we will circle the site three times before we tie a cloteen to the sacred tree. Kerry has a lot to offer and we will do a much as we can. Lunch in Kitty Browns. We take for the Dingle Peninsula and seek the Riasc carvings and settlement. Then to Kilmalkedar Church where we visit ancient sun dials, Ogham stones and a splendid old fort. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Ten: \b0 Visions of a Day \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 For a start we pay homage to Shila na Gig, the great fertility goddess of the Irish. This day will be more than full traveling to west Cork where we spend time at a ritual complex, St Gobnets holy well. Stone circles and the beautiful holy site of Guagan Barra. We finish up in Kenmare where we will feast in Leath Phingin. Then it is back to Castleisland for a good nights sleep. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day Eleven: \b0 Sacred Trees \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 One of the my favorite places in all of Ireland is Tomies woods. This growth of ancient woodland is sacred in many ways. It mainly consists of Oak and Holly, the two sacred trees of the Druids. Here we will make an offering to the trees and seek the message that they will offer us. The afternoon will be left to our own discretion, whether we want to take a walk along the lakes or catch up with our shopping. If weather is permitting we can climb to the top of Caherconree where the world becomes ours. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0\b Day 12: \b0 The Scattering \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Off to Shannon Airport for our journey together will come to a close. I have decided it is best or all to leave from Shannon for it shortens the long journey home. With you will be memories of all our happenings and thoughts of our loved ones that await to greet you home. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \u8232 \f0\b The Cost \f1\b0 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 The cost of the upcoming trip will be $3195 sharing and $3395 single \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 The cost will includes Airfare, guides, transport, lodgings, meals and entrances to national sites. This trip will be kept to a maximum of 7 people and this gives everyone a change to become familiar with each other and ourselves. Joseph will also be your driver and we will make sure that during the trip, the spirit of adventure will lead us to places not stated on the itinerary. A change in itinary will also be possible due to weather or adventure. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 A deposit of 50% would be needed by Feb 1st \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 Please note that walking boots and rainwear would be necessary. Also don't forget a camera and a notebook for the inspiration that may lay ahead. Do'nt bring too much with you as you will collect things along the way. \f1 \uc0\u8232 \u8232 \f0 \ \itap1\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth14600\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth14600\clftsWidth3 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadl0 \clpadr0 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap1\pardeftab720\sa240\qc \fs18 \cf0 Are you looking for Celtic Irish creative gifts? We specialize in Celtic Revival jewelry, wedding & engagement rings, bands, knots, pendants & earrings. \fs24 \cell \lastrow\row }