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Celtic Revival - Our Story

The journey for Joseph Keane and Celtic Revival began at a younger age wandering fields in his native Co.Kerry in search of stone circles, holy wells and ancient traditions. Growing up in Ireland, I was surrounded by ancient traditions from the straw clad dancers of Brigid's Day and the lighting of fires at Easter, to the lively gatherings of the Pattern Day fairs and visits to holy wells. My interest grew in old and sacred ways, in the lay of the land and it’s connection with the stars in the sky. After emigrating here to the U.S.A. and following the dream, we established Celtic Revival in 1992. Over the past years we have displayed at the best Celtic festivals throughout the country. Worked closely with many artist,our collection that has grown to be the finest work out there. Now we welcome you to our home on the web, enjoy browsing our pages.

Audrey Niamh and Joseph Keane
Audrey Niamh and Joseph Keane

May you have,
Truth in your heart,
Strength in your hand,
Consistency in your tongue

Fianna Warriors pledge 2000 years ago
Quartz Celtic Knot
Quartz Celtic Knot

Passage of TimePASSAGE OF TIME
This exhibit created by Joseph and Galway artist Padraig Conway. It has inspired many and feels like a sacred place in ways. It gives an insight into the ancient spirit of Ireland and the wheel of Time. Here it is shown in Dublin Irish Festival. Ohio 2003


SliabhhSliabhh Na Cailleacht
To sit in a 5000 year old chamber of Slaibh Na Caillacht (Hill of the Hag) for the light of the spring equinox to return. I rub my hand upon this stone that is lit by sunlight for on this special day for over 5000 years. The chamber is dry and still standing being built of stone. Here is a carving from the backstone the the sun illuminates on the Spring and Autumn Equinox’s.

Irish Connections Festival MA

Find your way back Home Knot Painting for the for the Kid’s at the featival. I was not sure if it was going to work at first. I opened it in Bethlehem and the first kid came along was a 4 year old. He was lost on it and I thought that this might not work. The next morning when I was placing it out, The first to arrive was the same family with the four year old. He walked all the way around the knot with confidence and finishing with a smile. The family said that he dragged them back four times the day before until he figured it out.
I was Inspired. Joseph.

We specialize in Celtic Revival jewelry, wedding & engagement rings, bands, knots, pendants & earrings.