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Celtic Knot – Meaning

Let's take a quick look at the meaning of celtic knots so that you will be able to understand how to interpret knots in Celtic jewelry.
Celtic knots are conventional graphical representation of knots used for decoration, adopted by the ancient Celts. These Celtic knots have been inspired by the beautiful manuscripts called Book of Kells, Lindesfarne and Durrow and metal work from the 6th - 8th centuries. Celtic knots were being created in Polytheistic Celtic times. Celtic knots are cognize for their adaptation for use in the ornamentation of monuments and manuscripts like the 8th century Book of Kells. In the history of the world, Book of Kells is one of the most famous books and was introduced in about 800 AD.
Knot designs are actually delineated throughout the world. Some found in Eastern Europe. In Western culture, there is a long and old tradition of artists that have been inspired to use the knot work design. Celtic knots manuscript contains transcriptions of the four Gospels, lavishly illustrated and ornamented. Most of the modern times Picasso's early art is highly influenced by knot work. It is the most elaborate manuscript of its kind to survive from the early middle ages.
The copyist and artists who created the Book on knot were “Columban monks” who lived in a monastery on the remote island of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland. At the time the book was produced, Irish monks were notable throughout the rest of Europe for their work as scribes and illustrators. It is known for the extraordinary array of Knot pictures, reticulated shapes and Knot ornamental details.
The Celtic Knot is one of the best known patterns in Celtic jewelry and art. It is popular because of its fragile twists and turns that are found in ancient stone art and tattoos, in illuminated manuscripts. Similar designs are also exist in Norse culture, and as far as China.

Celtic Knots Jewelry - Celtic Revival

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Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

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Celtic Knot Claddagh Rings

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Trinity knot Wedding Jewelry

Trinity knot or Triple Goddess. The symbol is as old as the moon turning. Celtic Knots are featured all around these celtic wedding jewelry. Click here to view more trinity knot wedding jewelry. You’ll absolutely love the collection!

Celtic Knot Anniversary Rings

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