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Celtic Revival Jewelry Show Room

Welcome to Celtic revival gallery! We offer delicately designed and historically handcrafted celtic bracelets, celtic earrings, celtic pendants, celtic necklace in sterling gold, silver, stunning white, yellow or tow tone. Celtic jewelry is great accessory for your celtic attire and exquisite enough for everyday wear. Our celtic jewelry is extensively investigated and is redolent of many of the irish high jewelry found through out Ireland. All our celtic jewelry collection which includes celtic pendants, celtic necklace, celtic earrings, and celtic bracelets are inspired from illuminated manuscripts Book of Kells, Lindesfarne, Durrow and metal work from the 6th - 8th centuries. Each celtic cross pendant comes with a description card giving extensive historical background and standard meaning of the selected celtic symbol.
Celtic revival left a rich legacy of art! And you’ll find the celtic design tradition in our jewelry collection as still it is a part of the living heritage. Our celtic jewelry is drawn from both modern principality and older celtic sources, with design as timely today.

Celtic Revival Gold & Silver Jewelry – Pendants, Earrings, Bracelet

Have a look on our unique and trendy celtic bracelets, celtic earrings, celtic pendants, celtic necklace collection listed below. We have everything in our stock that you want see (Click links below to view)
Celtic Bracelets

Celtic bracelet is attractive, strong and fashionable. Lease browse our Celtic Bracelets collection inspired by the Charms reflective of the styles of jewelry used in early times. Our celtic jewelry designs include the Celtic Knot, the Triqueta, the Celtic tree of life, the Triskele and many other symbols of ancient Druidic, Pictish as well as modern and historical Scottish folk symbols. Our Celtic Knot bracelets are cast in sterling silver, gold, and copper to increase intuition and gain knowledge. Click here to view more celtic bracelets collection.

Celtic Earrings

Celtic revival committed to providing the best in international styling, in celtic Jewelry & Arts and can assure you for the best celtic products and service in the industry. All our celtic earrings collection is inspired by celtic symbols introduced in the 800 AD Book of Kells. Our celtic earring collection deserves special attention and all our celtic earrings are popular among all age groups. Our celtic earrings are a perfect example of a fragile fusion of ethnic and modern sensibilities. You can be certain of the highest standards and complete satisfaction when You order here on our online store. Click here to view more celtic bracelets collection.

Celtic Pendants

With something special for everyone, we exaggerate a huge collection of excellent designs celtic pendants. Be it celtic crosses, Love Knot Pendant - available in silver, yellow and white gold, the piece are looking for is sure to be found here. Our celtic pendant are attractive, knotty and modern and are crafted using art manufacturing processes that amalgamate the natural beauty of the metal and stone with the perfect design and comfort fit, making our celtic pendants and other products instant hits with everyone. For information on the inspiration for celtic pendants, Click here for more celtic pendants product.

Celtic Cross Necklace

The Celtic cross is a symbol of infinity that accentuates the endlessness of God's love. The circle represents the duration of God's love shown through Christ's excruciation. This cross became a common symbol of Christianity in the 4th century. Today it is commonly used as a form of gravestones in Ireland. We offer celtic cross jewelry, charms, pendants and celtic cross necklaces at Celtic Revival. The celtic cross jewelry design found throughout Ireland. The four sections of the circle are said to embody the four arena of Ireland and the unity of the cosmos. You order here on our online store. Click here to view more celtic bracelets collection.


Have a look on unique, trendy and stylish celtic bracelet, celtic earrings, celtic pendants,
celtic cross necklace in gold and silver at Celtic Revival.

Are you looking for Celtic Irish creative gifts? We specialize in Celtic Revival jewelry, wedding & engagement rings, bands, knots, pendants & earrings.